SMPS SELA is supported by dedicated and invested members who serve as committee chairs, serve on committees, or volunteer for specific tasks or events throughout the year. Whether you are interested in helping the SELA chapter by giving a small investment of your time or would like to get invovled with a particular committee for the year, there are always opportunities to become more involved. Please contact the members below for more information:

Communications Committee

Chair: Alexis Vigier

Members: Nate Walker, Eileen Dooley, Kylee Lewis, Marie Schexnaydre, Ryan Schulze

Education Committee

Chair: Brandi Johnson

Members: Sarah Somerville, Meghan Montgomery, Kathryn Barona

Membership Committee

Chair: Leslie Davis

Members: Amanda Swift, Amy Driskell, Caroline Hayes, Courtney Davis

Programming Committee

Chair: Marie Richoux

Members: Allison Bourgeois, Kathryn Barona, Cherie Talbert, Lisa Smith

Sponsorship Committee

Chair: FannieMarcotte-Bennett


Charity Committee

Chair: Eileen Dooley